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Matt Adcock
Age: 30

My name is Matthew, I'm a catwalk model, fitness model and conveyancing lawyer. I have been into fitness my entire life and my and my goal is develop and maintain...

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Zack Kurz
Age: 29

Growing up I was born to be a professional athlete. I loved all sports and keeping myself in great shape but it wasn’t till 9th grade when personal life...

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Julia Hubbard
Age: 43

"Hi, I'm Julia

I'm aged 43 and a Plant Based (Vegan) Athlete

A former GB Bobsleigh athlete and Sprinter (world champion in Masters 200m in 2011), I started competing in bodybuilding at 35...

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Rupert Adjan Tackie
Age: 45

My name is Rupert , I'm from Glasgow .My weight is 14 stone .And I'm 5 foot 8 . I've Always been into Football, both playing and Coaching. Also Basketball, playing and Coaching . I have...

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Neil Coates
Age: 45

Been training properly for around 8 years
Been competing for 2 years, achieved Pro status with Pure Elite.
I’m a level 2 gym instructor.
Was a Firefighter for 12 years
Was an international...

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Sarah Kyffin
Age: 36

Hi, I’m Sarah and have been into all things “gym” for a while.
My old PT suggested competing but it was not something I felt able to do. After...

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Andrea Pelone
Age: 29

I used to be a professional dancer for 14 years internationally since early age, performing through europe and abroad
When stopped my dancing career i have decided to dedicate myself fully...

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Becky Goddard
Age: 19

Hey! My name’s Becky, I’m 19 years old from South Wales and my hobbies are horse riding, computer design and obviously fitness!

I’ve always been told I’m...

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Damien Smith
Age: 32

My journey started back in 2007 after experiencing the party life from the age of 13,falling out with family mixing with the wrong crowd with no vision or career set ,failed...

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