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Hollie Feeney
Age: 31

I am a personal trainer and mum of 2
I love my work....watching clients #teamfeeney progress in ways they never believed they could!

I am a sponsored by chemical warfare,

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Nadine Holroyd
Age: 50

Hi I’m Nadine I’ve been competing in bodybuilding since 2016. I’m a qualified PT and studying to be a nutritionist. My main work is as self employed curtain...

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Giulia Nuccitelli
Age: 52

Giulia has college degrees in Corporate Photography & Digital Graphic Design. Her full-time employment utilises her artistic skills in the technical world, but she also brings art into the world of...

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Moji Oluwa
Age: 46

I am an Olympian and competed in the 1996 Atlanta Games. I won 2 gold medals and a bronze medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games. I won a silver medal at the African...

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Julie Rose
Age: 50

My name is Julie rose I’m 50 years old I am a gym instructor and have competed from the age of 47
I have placed in various comps my main ones...

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Paula Cox
Age: 53

Hi I’m Paula Registered Nurse(RGN) which I’m very passionate about helping and caring for others. The shifts are long 13hrs and mentally draining however there is a...

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Damian Rdcj Blackwood
Age: 40

My name is Damian Blackwood I am a bodybuilder that’s been competing now for 4 years, I’m also a personal trainer, ive always been into sports, I’m a...

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Mark Humphreys
Age: 33

I am a Muscle Model / Classic Physique competitor from North Wales, a tiny rural place where bodybuilding wasn’t really a big thing. Only a few who I looked up...

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Yvette Arthur
Age: 58

"Hello I am Yvette Arthur Freelance Personal Trainer and Pro Natural Bodybuilder

I'm 58 years older and a fitness fanatic Athlete and enjoy working with others to help them reach their...

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Del Gibson
Age: 54

I am a 54-years-young Cornishman entering my third age with a passion I’ve not felt in a long time. Over the last three months I have lost 22 pounds of...

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Kev Edwards
Age: 33

I'm a 33 year old bank manager. Proud dad of a 4 year old princess and aspiring men's physique competitor. Although i have always had a passion for looking in good shape...

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